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This is the second release from My Satellite


released February 22, 2011

Written, recorded and produced by Bryan Stage



all rights reserved


My Satellite Los Angeles, California

My Satellite creates a sound that is melancholy and yet uplifting. Lyrics that wander from thoughts on abandonment to undeserved love to acceptance of death lay a heavy heart upon a wall of layered instrumentation and vocal harmonies that to move the listener into a world where seemingly opposed emotions occupy the same melody. ... more

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Track Name: Mirrors
No sound bending air. I breathe alone now and wondering will it always be like this. There’s something in the air. Now I think I’m scared. Save me from the monsters under bed. Save me from a dusty head. It seems I need someone her to mend and save me from a bitter end. Want to taste the moon. I lack transportation. So is this how I will die? A fading pulse at hand, no one by my side. Without a shoulder to hold when I’m older. No one to take my hand. Am I less a man? Ashes and pictures of dreamers and lovers. Was it happiness? Did I give up the key to all of this. Reflect at last. Regret I can’t get past. Save me…
Track Name: Tidal Wave
And it seems these words have bit me again. An infection slowly smothered the head. And it’s dead now. Died today. Simple thoughts that were lost in a tidal wave. Peace of mind that was quietly swept away. It’s gone now. Death by a thousand paper cuts. But you changed me. You saved me. If I had my say, in sober decay I would stand. But I fell down in the fallout. Sliding into a headlight I was trapped on the inside. I wanted out. But you changed me. You saved me. He floats away. Tidal wave.
Track Name: Beneath The Fall
Do you feel the sun the same? Do you ever taste the rain? Or run from the thunder until your legs stand up and throw you down? Do you ever say my name? You sold me out like I was a body. You held me down, dragged me bloody. I fell through a cloud. You watched as I went under. A solitary sound felt like thunder. I knew there was poison in a kiss. I knew I knew that I left myself defenseless. I pulled it all together for once and I hoped you wouldn’t let me down, but I knew it would end up just like this. What do you say when you explain yourself? Do you say the sun was not enough? Do you say you were in the mood for blood?
Track Name: Downstream
Looked away. Life passed inside a day. Upward eye. Dodging what fell from the sky. I’ll be there tomorrow. Sacrifice wielded just as a knife. Selfish me. I’ve been chasing a dream. I’ll be there tomorrow. Will you be there tomorrow? Dimming light. Aching sides. Graying sight. I’m in the desert with death and the sun. Now alone. I missed a fork in the road and I seem wide awake. Forgive me arriving late. I’ll be there tomorrow. I’ll need you tomorrow. I won’t fall away. Not over. It’s not over. Fall. Won’t fall away now.